# Exhibition Hall Exhibitions

Art project “Format”

The century is like a reference point: the century of the October revolution, which forever divided time into “before and after,” the century of the founding of the Vitebsk folk art school, which gave a strong impetus to the emergence of the Vitebsk art school and turned out to be a phenomenon for world art, the names of Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich.

Exhibition Hall. From January 9. 

The format is an attempt to look back at the events from which separates us for at least a hundred years and evaluate, and perhaps even rethink, their significance for the formation of the Vitebsk school. This is a slice of the present layer and a close look at oneself, an attempt to unite with the groundwater of the past and, through the roots of the ancestral tree, reach the sources. This is an attempt to feel the transformation in the minds of artists that occurred in Vitebsk over the hundred-year period of the school’s existence.

We are not just different. We are different – fundamentally. One continues the realistic traditions of Y. Pena, the second – the romantic flights of Chagall, the third philosophical rethinks the transformation of the visual arts at the forefront of modernity. The unifying factors in this project are only a sense of belonging to the Vitebsk art school and Format. Meter per meter or 50 to 50.

This is a puzzle project, a crossword puzzle project, a mosaic project.